About Us


The Wine Lot – Our Story

This is not simply a story about wine. This is a story about passion and tradition.

Founded in 2019, The Wine Lot emerged from a simple business idea based on a passion for quality wine. We love wine. Truly love wine. The Wine Lot is a celebration of wine, passion and tradition. We believe that wine enhances life!

In Singapore, many well-made, good-quality wines, especially those from the smaller producers as well as lesser-known grape varietals were previously not widely available. So, our vision was to find ways to import these outstanding wines for ourselves and our customers. The Wine Lot is proud of our enduring relationships with suppliers from small family-owned artisan wineries to large-scale producers. Through The Wine Lot, we hope to pass along our passion.

Tradition in Winemaking

Tradition plays a significant role in winemaking. We believe in and respect the traditions of how wines are made. We carefully choose our selection of wines that express the inherent qualities of the soil, climate and vintage. Every wine that we offer is tasted and considered. We respect the origins of each wine and the commitment the growers and winemakers demonstrate. The Wine Lot is a curation of our favourite wines.

Over the years, we have watched the growing demand for quality wine in Singapore. We are pleased to be part of this emerging trend by offering good quality wines at reasonable prices. Everyone here at The Wine Lot loves wine and we all share a passion for wine. It is this passion we want to share through The Wine Lot. May you find as much joy and excitement in the wines we offer as we do!

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